Where is Puglia?

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When you think of  travelling to Italy, the cities that come first to mind are probably Rome, Venice, Florence ,Milan and if you search a little bit more you might come across the Amalfi coast. Out of these cities, I have only been to Rome and the Amalfi coast. I still have on my list to cover the basics. Yet, when we started planning our first trip to Italy with Daniel this past summer, considering it was going to be during the hottest summer month of August, we decided we wanted to visit towns close to the coast. After days and hours of searching , i fell in love with a picture of a beach town perched above rock and surrounded by blue waters.The town of Polignano a Mare.

Polignano a Mare is located in the region of Puglia (Poo-lia). The capital of Puglia is Bari where one of the international airports is located. The region is also served by Brindisi/Salento Airport. This is one of the 20 regions Italy is divided into. Puglia is more rugged  and less put together than other parts of Italy. Its an adventure in itself.

Puglia holds special place in my heart because this is where Daniel and I took our engagement photos. We travelled 6,439 miles to explore a relatively undiscovered region of Italy that is dotted with small towns, olive groove and a peninsula of abundant seas.

Our highlights of our trip to Puglia:

  1. Riding on a Vespa along olive orchards through Masserias,ancient farmhouses
  2. Visiting a trulli house in Alberobello
  3. Slowing down and spending some town in the sea side town of Polignano a Mare

I tend to be an optimistic with my time and overschedule activities. After spending 4 days inPuglia we did not check off  the following  experiences included on our list that are worth mentioning.

Experiences still on our bucket list for our next trip:

  1. Get lost and wander the alleyways of Ostuni, the white city of Puglia or Martina Franca its smaller and less tourist neighbor
  2. Soak up the mediterranean sun in a peaceful haven of white sand and turquoise water the Baia dei Turchi in Otranto
  3. Explore 2000 year old ancient olive trees and go olive oil tasting in Masseria Bracanti