How to Explore the Markets in Hong Kong in One Day

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Behind Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong is the third best shopping city in Asia. What stands out about Hong Kong are the variety of specific markets where you can wander from stall to stall picking just the right goldfish(believed to give good luck). A few streets past that you can stroll through a flower market that carries the best roses from Colombia, orchids from Ecuador , tulips from the Netherlands and much more. Further south are the Goldfish Market, Fa Yuen Market, Jade Market and largest night market. The Hong Kong markets in Kowloon are worth venturing out to.

On my trip to Hong Kong, one of the tours i took, besides a food tour, was the Hong Kong markets tour around Kowloon. After that experience, i want to share about the route we took  so you can  explore the markets in Hong Kong in one day.

Where is the best place to explore markets in Hong Kong from?

Your best bet is to head north of Kowloon to Mongkok to  the area surrounding the MTR Edward Street Station and head south.

And then what?

A close walk from  the MTR Edward Station B1 exit heading east are the flower market and the bird market,Yuen Po Street Bird Garden.

At the flower market,I was expecting to find a few stalls supported by a tent selling flowers inside white gallon paint buckets. To my surprise, the flower market in Hong Kong has dozens of stores orderly lined that sell exotic blooms from half around the world. If you are in luck to be in Hong kong during the Chinese New Year, temporary flower markets will bloom throughout the city as fresh flowers are given to love ones as they symbolize good luck.

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Heading southwest from the flower market, a 2 minute walk, is the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. As you enter the big doors,  you will notice that this market is designed as a traditional Chinese Garden. As you get closer you will hear birds chirping and see wooden cages filled with multi colored birds.

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And what about the Goldfish market?

Just 500 meters south of the Bird market is the Goldfish market. Hong Kong, being one of the leading exporters of Goldfish and other tropical fishes for aquarist, has plenty of varieties for you to explore. Some of these species can sell for pricy prices as their is high demand especially for Goldfish. They are a basic component for those who follow Feng Shui  and want to bring harmony to their home. At this market you will  be  able to search for that perfect Nemo and go through thousand of   bags filled with colorful fishes.

goldfish market hong kong

Enough with flower markets,bird markets and  fish markets.. Can i actually buy something to fit into my carry on?

After visiting a market just with flowers, birds and fishes just 140 meters is Fa Yen Street Market where you can find a variety of items that you can actually buy and bring home. This market is knows to sell good sneakers, yet I found a beige flowy jacket, the only souvenir I brought from Hong kong that I’ve gotten many  complements on. This market is set up nicely with shops on the sides and tent in the middle. You can actually walk through it.

A two minute walk from Fa Yen Street Market is the Ladies Market. I did not visit this market , but what I have read about its a market catered to tourist that mostly sells handbags, cellphone cases and Hong Kong souvenirs.

To get to the next market, Jade Market, you have to take the green line  MTR to Yau Ma Tei station. My home country, Guatemala, is known for its jade. In Hong Kong, I did not visit this market.

And the last stop..Temple Street Night Market the largest night market… 

So by this time ,after all that walking, you will probably be ready to take a seat and munch on some noodles. My last stop was the Temple Street Night Market. This is the perfect place to  find street food  as well as buy knicknacks. There are no short places to wander through the gaai(back alleys). My first nights in Hong Kong i stayed at the Hotel Madera that is a short walk from this market. It was nice to be able to walk to it at night.

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how to explore the markets in hong kong