Spending a Day In Kamakura..A Beach Near Tokyo

By In Asia, Travel Destinations — July 31, 2017
kamakura bamboo

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A great day trip and a beach near Tokyo is the town of Kamakura situated 50 minuted away by train  from Tokyo. Kamakura  was the political center of medieval Japan and thus you can find some grand Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. The purpose of this day trip was not to to visit the 30meter bronze Buddha statue in Kotoku-in Temple, but to explore the beach scene and most famous surfing town in Japan.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by the cutest train with caricatures painted on it. A reminder that Japan has a thing with all things cute a termed know as “kawaii”. Once you arrive at Kamakura Station you have the option to turn left to head to the shrines and temples or to the right to go towards the beach and to the main street Komachi-dori.

kamakura train

kamakura train

Main Street Kamakura Komachi-Dori-Street

The main street in Kamakura, Komachi-Dori Street is lined with boutiques and shops. I stumbled upon a pop up library that was a great photo opportunity. Past that on the boardwalk there were some old townhouses draped in fishing nets. I headed to the beach with pebbled black sand and calm water. There were no surfers that day during that cool  and windy March morning.The best season to surf in Kamakura is August and September. On the beach shore where fishing boats where I spend most of my time taking pictures of them. After my time spent on the beach, I walk towards my last and most memorable experience in Japan drinking matcha in the bamboo forest in Hōkoku-ji Temple.

kamakura shop

kamakura japan

kamakura beach

Hōkoku-ji Temple and Bamboo Forest

The Hōkoku-ji Temple is nestled in a residential area a 30 to 40 minute walk from Kamakura Stations. The location of the temple males it less frequented than other local attractions. The first thing I did when entering the Temple was going through the path surrounded by bamboos that seems infinite  to the eye  yet its quite small yet impressive. Near to this is the open cafe  where you can order matcha and sit in long benches. In spite of the peace in the air, I felt a bit rushed to drink my match as there were people waiting for a bench. Other than that, I would come back to a beach near Tokyo in Kamakura just to spend some time in the bamboo forest in Hōkoku-ji Temple.

matcha tea in hokokuji

kamakura bamboo

japanese bamboo kamakura

hokokuji temple

kamakura bamboo


Kamakura surfing town and bamboo forest


daytrip from tokyo kamakura