Hola, I am Rebeca with one ¨C¨ and that handsome guy is my eternal travel partner and hubby Daniel.

I am a Guatemalan-American global citizen, currently living in San Antonio, Texas.

As I reach my 30s, I realize how time is running out to live an intentional life and do the things that fill my heart. I have been fortunate to have travelled to 30 countries, including Iceland, Fiji, Japan, and Chile, amongst many others. Travel experiences have been the most transformative component in my life. I suffer from the eternal traveler´s syndrome (wanderlust) and as result, I now aim to see the world in a relatively young body.

I always have my Luggage in Hand ready to be taken to a weekend getaway or on an intercontinental flight. This is because to me, travel is a process of self discovery that gets me out of my comfort zone but rewards me all the days of my life. I dare you to be open to new adventures and not to be the 75 year old trying to ride a Vespa in Capri, Italy. Do it while you are young and healthy!

What to expect from Luggage in Hand?

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If this resonates with you, I welcome you to travel vicariously with us in the hopes that you will be inspired and instructed in how to make travel a priority in your life.