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Polignano a Mare has winding streets filled with white-washed square Mediterranean buildings that emerge from rocky limestone cliffs. Some dead end streets face the Adriatic Sea where you can see dramatic views of the ocean.

Alberobello is  synonymous with “trulli” buildings, round stone home with a cone shaped limestone roof.If you head to the Unesco Heritage Site, Trulli di Alberobello, you will find streets lined up the white trulli buildings.

Walking around the Sassi transports you back to time, it´s a magical place. We spend three nights in this cave, centrally located on a street that winds down to  the Piazza where the  church of San Pietro is located and where the street meets the canyon. 

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Piermarco & Nancy, former Italian  fashion photographer and fast fashion retail executive, now  destination storytelling wedding photographers (Bottega 53) can be spotted half around the world capturing love stories. These globetrotters, natives from Puglia, were generous enough to make time out of their overbooked schedule to share with us their favorite spots in Puglia.